S H A M P O O   16

J.M. Barnaby is a writer and musician living outside of New York City with her husband and baby girl.  she is working on some big projects which no one will probably ever see.

Eric Baus’ book, The To Sound, was selected by Forrest Gander for the 2002 Verse Press Prize and will be published in fall 2003.  he is currently wearing his Eiffel Tower socks.

Donald Berger is the author of Quality Hill (Lost Roads Publishers) and The Cream-Filled Muse (Fledermaus Press).  he administers and teaches at the University of Maryland.  he’s having breakfast as we speak.

Helena “Nellie” Corder is fond of realizing cracks in sidewalks, reading marshlands, and relying on variable axes.  her favorite word is Czechoslovakia.

MTC Cronin has had six books and two booklets of poetry published.  her next book, beautiful, unfinished ~ PARABLE/SONG/CANTO/POEM, is forthcoming in 2003 through Salt Publishing (UK).

Jordan Davis is messing with the “googlism” device in this bio.  he likes the feeling of hanging around backstage.  after all these years of being frightened of Rilke, he is changing his life, and it’s not so bad.

Martha L. Deed lives on the Erie Canal in North Tonawanda, NY where she does her best to stay on the water – not in it – in her kayak and canoe.  as a psychologist with a dozen published poems and as the granddaughter and mother of published poets, she wonders if there are poet genes or whether the urge to create poetry is the result of pollution.

William Charles Delman is in the opening stages of assembling his first collection, The Book of Small Days.  work and life are, to quote Shunryu Suzuki “. . . not two, and not one.”  William plays more chess than any healthy adult should, unless said adult has a chance of becoming a good player.

Jim Dunn writes epic poems that rarely exceed one page.  he once dreamt Robert Creeley told him from a Harvard podium, “arm your words with kindness.”  in a Pennsylvania cemetery in a three week period in the 70s, he witnessed the following actual events:  a murdered member of the Pagan motorcycle gang receiving full biker burial rites, being buried with his motorcycle; a 19-gun-salute full honor military funeral for a fellow grade school friend’s brother who was one of the last Americans killed in Vietnam (witnessed while dressed in Webelo uniform); John Cassavettes and Peter Falk filming a late night scene from the movie Mikey and Nicky, in which they were searching for the grave of Cassavettes’ fictional mother.

Jason Earls lives in Blackwell, Oklahoma as a computational number theorist and poet.  his favorite mathematicians are John Forbes Nash, Jr and Dean Hickerson.  he enjoys guitars, tambourines, finding ravishing prime numbers with his computer, and reading Jack Spicer’s poems and Hickerson’s proofs aloud.

William A. Edeen was born in San Francisco in the early 70s.  for the past decade, Will has been a sculptor as well as a graphic artist.

kari edwards is the author of a day in the life of p., subpress collective (2002), and a diary of lies – Belladonna #27, Belladonna Books (2002).  edwards’ work can also be found in: Aufgabe, Fracture, Bombay Gin, Belight Fiction, Mirage #4/Period(ical), Van Gogh’s Ear, VeRT, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, Narrativity, Big Bridge, Magazine Cypress, Aught, Word For/Word, Atomicpetals, and Panic.

Raymond Farr has had work published in Poethia, can we have our ball back?, milk, xStream, Aught, and in Word For/Word.  regarding other aspects of his life, well, nothing interesting ever really happens to him.

Michael Farrell’s book is ode ode.  he wears no rings.

Alison Fenton reads and writes both poetry and fiction, and is currently finishing her first novel in between sets of poetry.  her first word spoken was “agua,” which still remains her beverage of choice.  one of her life goals is to become so good at lucid dreaming that she won’t be able to differentiate between dream-time and real-time.

Noah Eli Gordon’s first book, The Frequencies, is forthcoming from Tougher Disguises this spring.  his poems, reviews, and criticism appear widely, and he is currently writing a “novel” called Jaywalking the IS.  his grandfather has told him his clothes are out of style.

Claudia Grinnell is a gorgeous blonde from Germany.  no, really!

Matt Henriksen hopes the Cubs win the World Series (before he dies), hates talking about himself in the third person, loves parenthesis, washes his hair with whiskey, and eats small children.

Jim Jenkins is good.  he’s in a very creative mood this morning.

Richard Jordan is a Research Mathematician who spends all day studying the dynamics of infectious diseases.  at night he does his best not to contract any such diseases.  writing poetry helps in that regard.

Britta Kallevang.  “she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day” [Mrs. Dalloway, in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway]...but she did it anyway.

Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, a native of Salt Lake City, came to Tuscaloosa in 1996 and remains, like kudzu it seems, here today—she is resigned now to living in the silliest of places.  her work has appeared in can we have our ball back?, Optic, ACM, Literary Salt, and Diagram.  she edits the online literary fresco words on walls with fellow poet Kathrine Wright.

Amy King includes confessions in her new life.  she thinks a bio reminds her of someone and unexpectedly continues to be human now.  look to can we have our ball back?, Spork Magazine, 3 AM Magazine and the next edition of Blaze VOX2K2 soon.

Stephen Kirbach’s hair, alas, lessens back around beyond his mirrored visual ken.  what hair remains, nonetheless, appears seemingly bewildered, sticking out randomly while still taking delight in vigorous applications of scent-free shampoo.  in other words, he cannot figure out where these poems came from.

Trevor Landers is an inveterate traveller, partly as a consequence of living in a “faraway country” (New Zealand).  he has been published widely in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA.  his collection of poems, Taranaki Songs, illustrated by realist painter Marianne Muggeridge, is due for publication in 2003 under the imprint of The Zealot Press.

Amy Lipkin was born and raised in New York City.  turn-ons include mohawks, buttered toast, and oil rainbows.  turn-offs include the word “loiter,” swarms of bees, and tiny yapping dogs.  check out other work in can we have our ball back?.

)ohnLowther saves a great deal on hair care products and consistently has less hair than any other APGista (member of the Atlanta Poets Group).  he has many poetry and art ideas in the shower though, where he favors a cucumber melon body wash and some of those scrubby gloves, you know what gloves I mean right?  well if you think about it, using those and a goopy body wash is a bit like shampooing your body, plus you smell nice and so it kinda makes up for forgetting all those poetry and art ideas before getting dry enough to write any of them down.

Lisa Ludden is a student of Creative Writing and English Literature at San Francisco State University.  when not writing she is often found nursing her unhealthy obsessions with coffee, red wine, a clean kitchen, and Mr. Darcy.

Andrew Lundwall’s work has been published in a variety of unusual and exciting ’zines, such as: Shoestring, the muse apprentice guild, deep cleveland, Aught, and sidereality.  he is also the editor of a brand new webzine entitled The Tin Lustre Mobile.

Christopher Mayer studied philosophy at the University of Iowa.  he practices good hygiene and spends most of his time daydreaming.

Didi Menendez was born in Havana, Cuba but really does not remember.  she is the parent of four and is the creator of MiPo.

Andrew Mister is a big fan of Chunklet magazine and hopes to one day be one of the 50 biggest assholes in rock.  sadly, he plays no instruments and is tone deaf.  nevertheless, his poems can also be found at can we have our ball back?.

Nick Moudry says “most of my friends think it’s weird that I do not consider rock & roll to be the pinnacle of Western civilization.  I am writing this on the break during the night class I supposedly teach; we are reading Eileen Myles, who I think is great & my class seems to think so too.”

Murray Moulding seeks light on the dark side of Evergreen, Colorado.

Sheila E. Murphy has grown more than fond of her pocket-pc and its capacity for locating creations-to-be.  her home is in Phoenix, where she writes, paints, walks, and (yes) works.  writing by Murphy can be found in many places, notably in the forthcoming title from Potes & Poets Press: Green Tea with Ginger.

Simon Perchik is an attorney who has the brightest 14 year-old grandson in the world.  he, Casey, as a birthday present for his grandfather, in about 20 minutes, created this website, and Simon is so very proud of him.

Francis Raven works for a computer security company and is editorial assistant at the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.  he lives in St. Louis and is currently writing an article on the history of salt.

Stefano Resta grew up farming in a small village at the western edge of the sea; as a child he also ran through the streets of the pyramid cities holding the tail of a dragon for the “now primitives” traveling circus.  throughout most of his childhood, he lived in primitive structures built from the forest – without electricity.  he now splits his time between this same coastal village of his youth and an ancient city of stone on the back of a wild volcano – traveling extensively in between these locations as a business consultant.

Jane Sprague has still not recovered from the last time she Googled herself.  her poems have been published or are forthcoming in can we have our ball back?, Bird Dog, and Tinfish.  she wishes her hair would decide what color it is.

Googlism told Chuck Stebelton, “Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about Chuck Stebelton yet.”  look for more of Chuck’s writing, coming soon, at can we have our ball back? and No Slander.

Aaron Tieger is the poetry editor of Art New England magazine.  he lives and skates in Medford, Massachusetts.

Sara Veglahn is the author of a chapbook, Another Random Heart, recently published by Margin to Margin Press, and her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Fence, 26, castagraf, Word For/Word, can we have our ball back?, and Baffling Combustions.  she finds most food to be “delightful,” especially with cheese.

Kirby Wright recently surfed at Rock Point on the island of Moloka’i, where he had to jump off a lava pinnacle to reach the waves.  he got “caught inside,” where the spines of poisonous wana broke off in his hands.  he is now recovering in Southern California.

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