Alison Fenton

Sheís looking for him like an abandoned child on a horsey ride, a dog tied up
outside the supermarket.  Iím just a Willis, been hankering for black
cowboy boots and here they are.  Donít the palm trees
seem antithetical to the cemetery?  Having combed upstate
thereís a lot above Albany.

Here lies, here lies, here lies.  Youíll bask in your masterís grave, flanking two sides
of the same structure.  Itís no small wonder they all decided to die at Mills.
Not from the same cloth, Not of the cloth.  She was the wild one
that married into the family.
Does opinion count for pay, Can we keep our ashes
in the binding of a book?

Tell it.  No oneís happy, Everybodyís creepy.  Did you know that standing
on top of a buried body is disrespectful?  Donít say that, Lisaís sleeping
in a strange place tonight.  When youíre driving
across the Bay Bridge and itís all fog, youíre really in a white room.
Do you think Iím a boozer?  Do you still love me?

Heís convinced himself that if heís not getting married he must be a vampire.
God, you look so charming
with an apple in your mouth.
The novel stops on the swing and plays in the sandbox.
You caught a knot and roped the creek over heights with your head thrown back.
Itís true, sheís a Number One Stunner.  Look at that picture,
the promise of everything that came before you.

Go ahead and touch the tree with your foot.
I know you speak truth when you say your life is your work
and your work is your life.
Bits of the ceiling are coming down at the same time.

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