S H A M P O O   14

Jim Behrle’s Collected Poems is due out in Spring 2050 (Concerned Waif).  he is alternately stoned and brokenhearted in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Adam Clay recently decided that painting houses is not something he’d like to do full-time.  he lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with a jealous dog, teaches at a university, and has some poems in Mississippi Review, storySouth, and Slipstream.  ever since Teriyaki QuickStop closed, Adam can be found dining at Marlo’s Taco Shack and haunting the public library.

Todd Colby washes his bike with Kheil’s Brand Steel Shampoo.

when not working up a fine froth, Mark DeCarteret operates a dunk tank at poetry festivals all across the country.  other sites sporting his creations: can we have our ball back? and Mudlark.

among the books that TJ Desc has devoured this summer are If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino (twice!), Poisonwood Bible (which is very poetic, especially Adah), Madame Bovary, Alfredo Vea’s Gods Go Begging, Possession by A.S. Byatt (“I grabbed the book at the bookstore and then saw that it was already made into a movie; I won’t see the movie; not yet anyways”), and a lot of Allen Ginsberg.

kari edwards is a poet, artist and gender activist, winner of New Langton Art’s Bay Area Award in literature (2002), author of a day in the life of p., to be released by subpress collective (Oct. 2002), who wants everyone to go out and buy this book from Small Press Distribution as soon as it is available.

Michael Farrell / depression is not an american construct / i have overdone the sushi / the landscape recedes to reveal a noble brow / ow / this is melbourne living

Andrew Felsinger agrees that it is a crying shame but despite this refuses to despair.  to prove this he continues to think you’re special...

Gwynne Garfinkle lives in Los Angeles.  her favorite nail polish colors are turquoise, purple, and olive green.  her writing has appeared in such publications as Big Bridge, Exquisite Corpse, papertiger, Scarlet Letters, and Gynomite: Fearless, Feminist Porn.

Jonathan Hayes can be found riding a Greyhound.  he keeps his poems squeaky clean with Chore Boy Brillo pads.

Crag Hill.  nothing is more or less uncovered.  the constellation dramatized by undoubted intensities of light ties a search for truth face-to-face with its dispute.  that’s why he believes the voice in the wilderness.

Jim Jenkins is a surfer, and a drunk one at that.  he writes poetry when he’s good and drunk and doesn’t give a damn what you think.

Kara L.C. Jones lives with her husband Hawk on the fabulous isle of Vashon in the Pacific Northwest.  she is a poet, editor, guerrilla bookmaker, mom to a stillborn son, publisher, family advocate to the bereaved, teacher, artist, wife, partner, daughter, Carnegie Mellon graduate, and a million other labels that amount to “just a bunch of words.”  she commits the sin of pride in boasting about the legacy she and Hawk created in memory of their son Dakota – a project called Kota Press.

J. E. June insists that you are not reading this, it’s all a figment of your imagination.  see...you’re more creative than you thought!

Petra “Tasha” Klein lives on Love Street with a black goldfish, crystal eggs that hold a rainbow, and sounds of silence; all watched over by a painting called China Dreams.  check out her webforum, Salty Dreams.

Richard Kostelanetz has individual entries in Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, Webster’s Dictionary of American Authors, The HarperCollins Reader’s Encyclopedia of American Literature, and the Encyclopedia Britannica, among other distinguished directories.  living in New York, where he was born, he still needs $1.50 to take a subway.

Lewis LaCook is a poet, musician and net artist whose work has appeared in Lost and Found Times, Big Bridge, 5-trope, Artifacts, Cauldron and Net, and CTheory, among others.  Anabasis published his chapbook, Cling, in 2000.  BeeHive published his Odious Art of Lewis LaCook as an e-book for the Palm Pilot in 2001.  he lives in Richmond, Virginia, edits the webzine Idiolect, and you can check out his website right here.

Cassie Lewis enjoys moonlit strolls beside the hills that mark the Hayward fault line.

Lesle Lewis will have a new book called Small Boat out in April from the University of Iowa Press.  the grass gets no phone calls and it dies every winter.

Andrew Lundwall is a writer currently living in Wisconsin, who’s planning to escape the Midwest as soon as possible.  he has work previously published in e-zines such as Aught, sidereality, deep cleveland junkmail oracle as well as work forthcoming in the muse apprentice guild.

Bill Luoma is a writer living in Honolulu.  recent work includes Dead Dad from Tinfish Press.

Kevin McFadden has published poems in Poetry, Quarterly West, Fence, and American Letters & Commentary.  a fan of anagrams, he recognizes SHAMPOO...AS OOMPH.

K. Silem Mohammad eats grizzly bears for breakfast and flosses his teeth with rattlesnake spines.  he’s the rootinest, tootinest, dog-blarmed varmint what ever rassled a heifer in these hyar parts.  he was shocked and disappointed when Tamyra got voted off “American Idol.”

Gina Myers currently lives in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, where she is a student at Central Michigan University.  her work can be found at can we have our ball back?.  when asked whether she rinse-washes-and-repeats, she declines to answer.

Chad Parenteau is a freelance writer currently caught between rural Rhode Island and the city of Boston.  his poetry has been published in can we have our ball back?, Fledgling, and Meanie.

Lori Quillen is currently writing about visceral leishmaniasis and sudden oak death at the Mary Cary Arboretum in Millbrook, New York.  out of the office she is working on a series called the No Acid Poems, inspired by nightly jaunts on the once-upon-an-estate of Timothy Leary (where she trolls for bats).  her work has appeared most recently in can we have our ball back? and she co-edits Tool A Magazine with her errand boy Erik Sweet.

Barbara Jane Reyes recently wore combat boots and poet Eileen Tabios’s wedding gown to symbolize the marriage to poetry.  the poets Jaime Jacinto, Eileen Tabios, and Del Ray Cross pinned poems to her in a reenactment of a Pilipino wedding tradition.  Barbara’s first book, Gravities of Center, to be published by Arkipelago Books Publishing , is scheduled for release in Spring 2003.

Anthony Robinson has never been dead.  he has, though, had sex on occasion.  he thinks that Kristin Kelly is more beautiful than Faye Dunaway.  in fact, he thinks that Kristin Kelly and Janice Pang are the two best unpublished poets in America.  he’s never been to Australia.  he writes poems.  he loves a girl who lives in Kansas.

a native of Miami Beach, Florida, Michael Rothenberg is a swampwanderer, snakecharmer, and eco-activist.  he presently lights incense in his orchid nursery in Pacifica, California.

Suzy Saul has a bio in poetic form, entitled “Gentropy”:

At 5, I was Queen of the tree-stumps,
a fluted paper plate tied on my head,
ruffles over my shoulders,
a smile of triumph on my face.
Then my brother was born.

At 8, I was the fastest runner at school
except for my true love.  Whoever won,
we happily hugged each other.
He taught me laughter; we day-dreamed together.
Then my family moved beyond his reach.

At 11, I learned to play a little silver flute
and was the only girl at school
without six years of French.
My father began to coach me.
Then he went overseas to war.

At 14, my cousin and I, in summer camp,
practised kissing, in case of future need.
One moonlit night, all campers in canoes,
I fell in love and tried it with a boy.
Then he met an older woman of 17.

At 18, stunned by love again,
I named my future husband to my parents.
My mother talked to his, an old-time friend;
uproar ensued: his duty was at home.
Then everyone ceased speaking.

At 21, engaged and graduated,
girded with the approval of my parents,
I set myself for marriage and a family.
Grandmothers gathered gleeful in the parlor.
Then the groom had an emergency appendectomy.

Nevertheless, we married one week later,
lived the suburban life, had four children,
made my parents happy, carried his father’s name
to one more generation.
Then he left for a younger woman.

Repeat this story with some variations.
My children grew up well, left home and made their own.
At 60, free and lonely, I fell once again:
he was single, strong, amusing;
Then he discovered I had lost my money.

At 70, I had a car, a cat, a condo.
Somebody stole the car,
the cat got sick and died.
This year I planted tomatoes on my deck.
Now I see two green berries.

Phoebe Sayornis recently had a dream that she was sleeping and there’s a new survey out, too.  check out her new poetry zine, ShoeString Poetry.  it’s out to settle an issue that’s been raised about writing and writers.

Willie Smith is an amateur astronomer who channels M64 (the Black Eye Galaxy) in the Coma Cluster.  in English, of course, Coma is Berenice’s Hair (look to the north between the tail of the Great Bear and the tail of the Lion), hence this appearance in Shampoo.  stay tuned to Google Search “Willie Smith” for further directives.

Glen Sorestad has been writing poems longer than he cares to admit and longer than is generally healthy.  because of this he is now a poet laureate (of Saskatchewan), an apparently incurable condition.  a 25-year selected poems collection, Leaving Holds Me Here, was published in 2001.

Lisa Walsh is a poet and mother whose work has appeared in other places, most recently online at can we have our ball back?.  you can find her with a crazy assortment of folks whooping it up at 2A bar in NYC on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Matthew Wascovich lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  he edits the literary magazine, Flat Bike & Banged Head and is a co-editor at 3 AM Magazine.  he uses unscented, cruelty-free shampoo when possible.  currently, he has 16 books on loan from the library.

Leigh White has big boobies.  she was dropped as a baby hence the title of her first book of poetry Dropped As A Baby to be published by Far Star Fire Press in the fall of 2002.  otherwise she is an advertising writer and complete sell-out.

Kirby Wright played outfield for the Little League Angels in Honolulu.  over the course of 3 years, the Angels won 1 game.  he prays daily that the MLB Angels go far in the 2002 playoffs.

Mark Young still clings to New Zealand citizenship even though he has lived in Sydney, Australia for more than half his life.  he’s started writing again after twenty-five years of silence, with recent work appearing in Jacket, can we have our ball back?, brief, and Blackmail Press.  he puts this reborn creativity down to the fact that he has changed his deodorant to one that doesn’t contain aluminium.

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