Lesle Lewis
Two Poems
Our Campus

Some amphibians are new at being old.

The invention of zero follows the discovery of nothing: stonehead, air.

The handsome rooster poisons our colons.

Pastel trees, a womanís sharp features, and her neckline slip.

Iíve loved the sentence.

Over a cell phone on the public green, Iím too shy to say the cheese grater is already dying.

The White Triangle

All night I waited for you to saw off my head.

ďDo you know how to do this?Ē

Iím still thinking.

By dawn, stuff the breeze blows off the trees touches down easily on the water.

A fish jumps.

We have a white triangle in our yard.

No one would tell us otherwise; we are gorgeous.

If the flowers are in our hair, they must be in our hair.

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