Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Two Poems

The Dream Ended

In the end of my dream
I found a circle
floating in a lake.

It was winter and a
frozen horse watched its
shadow disappear.

There was a temple in the
distance, a cloud of
smoke rising above.

The sky filled up with ash.
The day grew darker
and the dream ended.

Bad Dream

The rotting eyes of a black dog
stare out at me from a bad dream.
Wilted flowers outline the black
dog.  Its gaze puts me in a trance.
I feel nothing.  In this bad dream
I bury the dog behind a
pepper tree.  There are thousands of
graves in this bad dream.  Flowers do
not blossom here.  In this bad dream
this is almost hell.  I awake
to the loud sound of crickets.  I
hear them chirp.  It is night still.  I
am not sleepy.  In the morning
the birds sing from the pepper tree.

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