Eddie Paterson

Three Poems
letters to the outhouse

gimbus it became late i was worry to call as you

might be in the outhouse. can i call this day being

monday. ████ found ████ on the facepage. saw him

on saturday in the street he smile & we politely

walk on by but he is very handsome in the facepage

photo. typ “████ de████” & you wil see him in a

check shirt from general pants what a wishing well. i

hear you he been sending █████ to gp. oh did i

tell you my computer flew of car roof. it still alive but

screen broken. i write you now this story from the

iphone. my bests is long. i want it to warren ellis but

maybe it will bee forever. when can we gave a story?

i might be in

i wrote a whole lot of something here but the iphone

is delete. in short : a) my computer flee if car roof so

not screen but it still work b) i saw ████ & then

█████ found him on face page. see

“█████ de>█████ ” c) something a oh yes >█████ is

wearing a general pants shirt i believe & you have

been sending ████ there. sydney this week. but

what is plan foweekend ? if i sydney you should

gothere. is the train long. i will have an apartment for

a week. i try for bronte to run & swim only. until the

phone call. the computer flees...a sadness. transfer

life to iphone. am annoyed he is not the good ship lollipop.

enlisted to play in soccer with men. not sure. my mother

tries to make me socialise, not realise i normally hate all

& sundry. got a bit lone wolf last night. but better today.

possums live in my bunker roof & howl at me like



australian chameleon

man in kayak on harbour attacked.

shark surrounded me, says man, 29.

i tried my best not to act like a seal

or a                   turtle.

hugo weaving

i dreamt about you last night

but you were hugo weaving

i don’t know about hugo weaving

neither do i

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