Arpine Konyalian Grenier

from Silk, Paper, Gunpowder
Comfort is strength in Latin

Dear Serkan: I am now really appreciative of and very friendly with a young Turk who is - shall we say - involved with art - claiming he is art lover - I think he is an artist - simultaneously becoming an expert in German Literature - which I find dramatic in view of the dubious relationship between Turks and Germans during the end of the past two Centuries - this young Turk also extremely handsome - bright - personable - so there you are - from the heart one gives or speaks or feels - from the heart it being the cause - a currency alternative - closer to the redeeming quality of Justice humanity longs for - a quality one cannot deconstruct when feeling becomes language - becomes thought - in truth - in Justice - in my father’s Turkey - quality of nation not experienced through blood - the way the psychiatrist in David & Lisa feels when David tells he will turn psychiatrist when he gets out - the voice is -

Dear Arpine: My girlfriend-wife is a lecturer of English Literature at Istanbul University - I must tell her about your poetry science knowledge energy - she’ll recommend her Department be interested in you I’m sure -

Serkan: What to do about the documentary - Human Remains - John Turk Producer - a quasi clever viewing of the person inside each majestic killer of the 20th Century - except the one(s) of the first Genocide are missing - namely - Talal or Ataturk or Osman somebody -

Dear Arpine: Your insights are scorching but they need a framework of reference - our space is limited too - I hope you are well and thriving -

Dear Serkan: In Ak-Serai and Konya the land on Dad’s side was secured by the Turks for sure - in Kessab Syria the land on Mom’s side granted to the Turks - by the French so as to win them over against the WW2 Germans - later in Beirut Dad’s business seized during the Arab Israeli War - then he to America - but not long enough to collect for location -

Dear Arpine: I think you can come up with a terrific story with feeling becoming language - on location - where nation is not experienced through blood - in California I’m sure --

Dear Serkan: In California I have a small house with no garage or backyard - my son has a condo in Hawaii - he now in Bosnia long enough with the UN Peace Keeping - the mission labelled Operation Joint Forge - what to do about that? - yesterday Mom tells me the missing majestic was Sultan Hamid - the ones in John Turk’s documentary were - Mussolini - Mao - Franco - Stalin - Hitler - comfort in German in Latin - Ak-Serai is white house in Turkish - it hurts - what hurts they say --

I am searching for death

that whole thing is a legend now it can only be legend
the reality of not cut off - they cut it off you know
though the crazy-making continues
familiarity breeds - so does
the women’s club
                     - thru monuments
                     - thru documents

one feels and tells the story of Da to admit to heal
but as legend because itself is another chapter

including the inside of the strategist’s elbow
best of course he doesn’t rub oil on
as Ataturk of course would not
earning documentaries
                                           so the architecting stems
                                        that’s why the arbitrary

you don’t see is same as you see
neutralized with data that’s why
give them a reputation for
making it

- thru tradition
- thru the aparte’

include the Department is _
Da for submission

the Component is _
Da as gift

better the twice daily flare up than the bleeding
arms cracked so one can live through the pain

the Branch _
Da graced in the absence of light
with it but not of the argument is _____

Da has no colour that propagates
                                                                           as it colours

there is a knowing here but only like that of a lost object
a what I am in the process of dying
no was or has been

still a star divides you because you fail at the aparte’
linked like carbon atoms to your non chemical
breathing of youth quality dear
out of his arrogance created
always in the wrong place
but for a legend
                           at light

so as to tell tell in a way one cannot finger the dreamed one cannot
dream through the semantics of aghd = aghaid for having vowelled
for having felt the chapter of D
trauma minused
                                I miss him

                                     that rahman el rahim bred devil
                                           what he did and lately

                                                                the stems aghd still
                                                                         rust proof

what of compassion and the money money family future that awaits
we then in light because we don’t matter as we light about
them us the film the opera his chair
given up for a rub for

           myx - o - mat - (hell)o - sis - flared

including rays of light speeched by the name of a god that is
from the womb and of rahm offered as womb for tradition
as what happens to a failing act’s thrilling efforting
a discourse in space-times I cannot follow
every other focus(ed) arbitrary
                                                      slave still

the consciousness of legend unlike a god of ruth
looking down into the law of its heart
to dig the ice behind the music
your woe
                     allow it --

a kink in your throat along light that does not fall by matter
the law of your heart its joke that allows
what it does not as discourse

the constitution of the subject rules the realization of the object rules
the constitution of the object rules the realization of the subject rules

a future that awaits Da mattered discourse and and if the two do not correlate how then do you reconcile light trapped in matter or is that a polished legend issue like dirt in stain inverting necessarily what is neutral so one sees all functions way-back-when split to evoke to multiply to -

           I death don’t agree says death

the argument since dirt is matter misplaced around where this century is dying is dirt tu ne le chercherais pas si tu ne l’avais trouve’ since all is in the right or wrong (place) because it does not matter which that is so - matter in the beginning in the right (place = god) and you waiting for his death so you may inherit Da --

                                           - am I in your will God??

                      the crack the tear gives
                      the crack in the family

           Pascal’s function one would not have had arms for


                               remember when you saw it?
                                have you done so lately??
                                   what do you do then??

                            I move cautiously - you too??
                                          we move

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