Jim Behrle
Two Poems
Iím Set Free

Bad news tonight: Weíre / Winning the war, Bonzo. / Bring Santa Claus to / The river.
Bring some fireworks.  Transcend those / Polyesters.  The time has / Come to mix and
match.  I never would have guessed / Trees gave a shit.  Iím way / More miserable.  A face
as long / As old Broadway.  Say goodbye. / Tell us that one about / Mattering.  Ha ha, that
was good. / You fall and fall, and itís / Forever funny.  Weíll schedule a service.  You /
Would have wanted closure. / On the tomorrow show: dancing / People, cramped and
sweating / After last call.  Our horrible weapons / Are easy targets. / Set a steady collision
course. / The case cracked before / We were committed to the process. / We Salute you,
Easter Bunny.

Point Guard of the Future

You are talented at boring. / Freeze and be implicated / For many felonies.  Itís a / Fun
new dance: the Sleepwalk. / Put your hands on your / Hips.  Those arenít your hips. /
Wander though watercolors, in / search of an original timepiece. / Why you so blue? Itís
the / Fresh new craze.  Itís written / On your eyes, you want me. / Címon, feel the
pumping organs / And feel the stomach.  Thatís / Your baby brother, a / Highly regarded
cheeseburger. / I will translate us from / Poor to Wealthy.  Seconds / Come off back off
the / Clock.  Iím trying to remember / Anything you ever did. / Liars built the pyramids,
Stone / By stone.  I am ready to be popular / Prepared to be rewarded. / Watch out
university, hereís / Johnny needing love.

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