SHAMPOO Instructions

  1.   SHAMPOO is always open for submissions of previously unpublished work.

  2.   send poems to editor Del Ray Cross at

  3.   please include the word “submission” in the subject line.

  4.   it is best to send no more than 5 to 8 pages of poetry.

  5.   it is best to send all poems in one Microsoft Word {.doc} or text {.rtf} file attachment. please
       note that graphic files ({.pdf}, {.jpg}, etc.) are not encouraged unless the layout is impossible to
       depict in a Microsoft Word document, in which case graphic files are by all means encouraged.

  6.   it is best not to send simultaneous submissions.

  7.   please do not become stressed if it is a few months before you hear back from the editor.
       SHAMPOO has at times had a year-long backlog of submissions.  if this sort of thing causes
       you any significant stress, perhaps try yoga and/or the relatively stress-free enjoyment of
       reading through issues of SHAMPOO.

  8.   you are very much encouraged to send along shampoo-related art of any kind for publication

  9.   please note that your sole and somewhat dizzy editor responds to submissions and most
       inquiries of any kind in chronological order.  therefore, if you send a follow-up query about a
       submission, it is unlikely there will be a response to that query.  but you should receive a
       response to your original submission.  if you fail to hear back in over a year, it is possible
       that the submission evaporated, and your humble editor apologizes.

 10.  the editor begs mercy for this inordinately long and laden list of instructions, and also
       blows a big wet kiss out to all of you who have gone to the trouble of reading them.

 12.  lather, rinse, and repeat.

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