Zack Haber

Two Poems

I did’t interrupt you --

                                                    i can’t--
the government--
unless you let me finish
--hardly even notices me
i can’t answer your question--now
if the state
you asked me
is an illusion
and i’m tryin’ to tell you
an illusion
how can i answer
is the state
if you keep interrupting--
if you’re finding
i just started--
comfort in numbers
but you interrupted--
you’re going to smash your face
will i be able to speak
into a brick wall
for a second or two
what can we do
from time to time
to act outside the government
excuse me Larry
and not seek to take its power
           (or emulate it)
i don’t interrupt
but to create our own
may i finish
areas of autonomy
could i finish    i agree,
where our indigenous blood
           could be
i agree, but if I’m not allowed--
Larry I would really like to finish,
if one person
I don’t interrupt him
is muffled
and if I could finish
we all are
I really would appreciate
being able to speak
i will perish
i really would--
and i will fall into the cold mud
that’s not--
while fighting fascists
excuse me
because i’m not trying
I would--
to hurt anyone)
as was my understanding tonight
and i’m happy
we’d have a format
about that
where you would be asking
when there are
the questions, I would be able--
empty buildings
I am not able to finish
and people can’t live in them
well excuse me
and they have to sleep in the
           cold rain in the street (wet clothes)
i would like to finish
society fails
a sentence
evil has always been
just once,
consumption over experience


I’m a genius in the humus
with a gigantic yellow-rayed
                          a fleshy
succulent axis--
got a floral spike spiking into whorls
tearing my flesh, a moderate red.  All the various colors
of human flesh--
pale to grayish yellow long white ray
flowers introduced to the United States from Europe.  The species
forms hybrids--and “first class persons’
but usually showy.  Lips inflated
or pouched.  Old world pink
widely cultivated gums, resins, oils,
and herbs considered to cause indolence
and dreamy contentment.   I’m a Eurasian to North American
terrestrial ornamental flower
head--with a perforated deeply pink
prickly heart in a wild state
under barbed wire
and cultivation
and often still climbing.  All the loops meeting at the origin
(which is everything).  The seeds contain oil
          but heliotropic orange
    and yellow rippled petals
                         are receptacles
for sun.  I’m a flower
          head on a hairy rough stem
    and the sun is all that moves me
                                          as the sheathers of tropical islands
are madder than those madder than the flowers
with brown petals.  I’m a nomadic
mixed multitudinous
übergenius flower
head and I’m full of floral organs.  Pink segmented
          and cut toothed fringes
(like the little hairs all over me.)  I don’t know / white ray
flower / who i am / a composite arranged
          and an isolated species
exhibiting unusual differentiation
          but still designated
through the northern temperate zones
          fusing / idea / and the metal

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