Jesse Nissim

Two Poems

auditory data

- in the mail all
satellites arrive
halting from each
nerve capsule
which tunnels under -

- yields inadequate
pivots in the depths
a beautiful arm brushes
spinelike, against -

- the table even
becomes an arch
I lay upon waiting
for something to
happen -

- from there
the ceiling presents
three options: sand-
box, sinew or webbed
I choose to go -

- all flesh in the sour dusk
circles. i am separate
like one not listening -

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Raspberries and rhubarb
develop parts
that can not be used.

A driver creeps up
Approaches, his
tinted window
lowered, reveals
his part-animal

How is the rhubarb
stalk related
to loss?  When this un-
becoming tragedy

When the mail-carrier
is afraid to set off the siren
of the dogs.  A previous generation’s
garden devours a child.

Then the mail-carrier’s child
sprouts a new tooth
that is the unexpected color.

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