Monica Fauble
series of excerpts from my 6th grade journal

April 17th, 1989

I heart Jeremy Quellhorst.


April 19th, 1989

Itís not all exciting you know.

Itís the end of the 5th six weeks.  One sort of nerve-wrecking thing if I donít make Honor
Roll this six weeks I wonít be on the Scholarís Program and that program means a lot to
me.  Lisa got a positive pirate award again and that makes me mad since I didnít get a
positive pirate award (Even if Lisa & I already got it once)  Well I gotta go.  Bye. P.S.ó
were starting sex ed. in Science.


April 31st, 1989

Lisa invited me to a skating party but I canít skate and what scares me more is that there
would be boys.

Also my mom doesnít want me to go because itís from 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Also I have to say Lisaís mom was just gonna drop us off and just leave and thatís
another reason I canít go.

Today we launch our rockets.


May 20th, 1989

Progress Reports!

Here were my grades: Math-A Social Studies-B Science/Health-C! Language Arts-A.

A C.  Oh my gosh a C!  Can you believe it.  I know.  I mean I recently got a D on a Sci/H
test (probably why I got a C) but still.

I am edleast a little disappointed in myself.


May 25th, 1989

When I grow up I want to be a) a model b) a fashion designer c) interior design d) a

Iím not really sure who Iíll marry but I like someone right now & Iím not telling you
who.  OK Well yes I am.

Go to April 17th and look in top corner and youíll find out but donít tell a soul.  REALLY

Okay I like himóSo what.

Heís cute, has a great sense of humor and heís nice and sweet.

Well as for cute heís kind of cute.  You know cute enough.

But he likes some girl named I think it was Amanda.

I also hope the planet will become clean and healthy.  Bye.

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