Wanda Phipps
excerpts from a journal of emotional sensation

Friday, March 22, 2002

Anxious, waiting for the road--last minute--last minute--last minute
errands--preparation--how can I love you so much--how is it possible?
Chest--throat tightening--aching--eyes too moist--am I insane?  Is this
insanity or merely impracticality?

Poor black cat will miss us.


Saturday, March 23, 2002


Brancusi’s “Caryatid”, cloth by Tuttle--filming Beuys’ sculpture “The
Silence” based on Bergman’s film of the same name--Yvonne Rainer’s “Film
About a Woman Who”...

Sunday, March 24, 2002

What isn’t said?  Turtle with the hole in the bottom--oddly
interconnecting stories--relaxed and happy but somehow feeling I’ve been
found lacking--exhausted and tipsy I was shy and girlish not bold and
outspoken--head’s in awkward places.


She laces the baby food for the cat with St. John’s Wort--he’s been
depressed--the cat--traumatized by the vet--I finish Man Ship and
start Frosted--Jim came through on bookstores to visit and I go over
my Spanish flashcards and wait for us all to be ready--if we’re ever
ready--I’m never totally ready but we’ll go anyway--will go--have to

Armory Park, Johnny Chimi’s Place, Regency Plaza, Down/city, Trinity,
Sportsman, Detour, Welcome, Go Providence, Kennedy Square, NexTel,
Memorial Boulevard, The First Baptist Church in America, The Ultimate in
City Living, Olives, Mushashuk Square, University Heights, Do Not Enter,
Petco, Miko, Pleasant Street, Pack & Ship, the Map Center, Come
Advertise with us, Emblem & Badge, Vartian, Field Brigade, Pawn, Studio
Nails, Rent-a-Center, The Sandwich Hut, Zenith, Second Thoughts, “I’ll
Take You There,” Miriam’s Toad & Frog.

Frank’s diner--Olga’s Cup & Saucer--romp around Brown after the most
amazing fire dress--“Now we’re about to cross Friendship,” Sheri says
somewhere on our way to Hope.

Stuffed, sleepy, freezing down Willow just at Theresa.  We enter the
Samuel Boardman House-1869.

Yes--you stroked my hair that way--mind there--fine.

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