S H A M P O O   6


Thérèse Bachand lives and writes in Los Angeles.  a graduate of the Douglas Messerli Most Advanced School of Editing, she has read at the Poetic Research Series and Canessa Park.

Aaron Belz lives happily in St. Louis, Missouri, where he will begin work on a PhD at Saint Louis University this fall.  he loves it when people email encouraging remarks about his work at meaningless.com.

Jumper Bloom hopes to move to Boston in June!  she will soon edit Fake Rolex, a cheap and shiny ’zine of poems.  right now, she’s still living on her Nanna’s couch.

Taylor Brady lives in San Francisco.  his publications include the chapbooks Is Placed/Leaves (Meow, 1996) and 33549 (Leroy, 2000), and the intergenre poetic novel Microclimates (forthcoming from Krupskaya).  he is currently organizing music/text performance events at Small Press Traffic, and rehearsing with a vocal group for a performance of Cornelius Cardew’s The Great Learning, Paragraph 7.

John Colburn sits around in Minneapolis.  his wife cuts his hair.  he is wondering if you would help him re-shingle his garage.  he is working on a new poem now.

Del Ray Cross is the editor of a bubbly little poetry magazine.

Tim Donnelly lives in Berkeley where he teaches and learns from people with autism.  recent publications include redondopoets.com, Zambomba!, and Comet.  he is looking for a publisher for his manuscript, A Monster A Day.

Nicole Hubbard lives, writes and attempts the occasional literary coup in Louisville, Kentucky.  her work has been published in Exquisite Corpse and is forthcoming in Joey and the Black Boots.  her favorite animal is a wombat, and she is in hiding until the karmic burp that is GW Bush’s administration is over.

Jim Jenkins is a surfer and poet.  he feels the wood of old San Francisco under his feet.  he hears it creak in agreement with spring birds’ committee meetings and school children sunshine elations.  fascination tugs at his shirt-tails, pulling him into waves and brick alleyways alike.  he likes his beer and pens and tablets.  he puts them in water and boils them to a thick muck.  he exists in all folds of maritime and indulges in descending fog curtains of Sunset District loneliness.

Susanna Kittredge lives in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts with two beautiful women and a hyperactive cat.  she likes studying art.

James Lee holes up somewhere in the Midwest.

Alannah McPherson is a San Francisco-based, non-practicing artist specializing in mixed media images of house and home.  upcoming projects include nighttime exterior window photography and painting her bedroom.  she wishes to thank the editor for the push/shove that led to her actually producing some work.  (the editor wishes to relay that she is most welcome.)

Christopher Mulrooney was born in Athens, Georgia in 1956.  currently, he resides in Los Angeles.  his poetry has appeared in The Pixel Papers, Dead Mule, Frank, etc.

Billy X. O’Brien saw the movies:  Zebra in the Kitchen, On Golden Pond, and The Black Hole at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square (Somerville, Massachusetts) during the early 1980s.

Lynn Owen has been writing since she was nine.  now she’s thirty-nine.  thirty years of words – recording events, thoughts, and questions.  poetry for Lynn is that bit between sleeping and waking.

Ronald Palmer met K. Silem Mohammad (favorite living writer) at St. Mark’s Church in NYC (where he was chatting after his reading) and he happily agreed to participate in an e-(mail)-interview back and forth from Danbury, Connecticut (me) to Santa Cruz, California (him).  the information in our exchange may be enlightening for anyone following his writing in Kenning and COMBO (6 and 8). This !e-view! will appear in the next issue of Xconnect.

D.A. Powell is the author of Tea (Wesleyan, 1998) and Lunch (Wesleyan, 2000).  his work has appeared recently in Chelsea, Interim, Solo, and Prairie Schooner.  this Fall, he will begin an appointment as Briggs-Copeland Lecturer in Poetry at Harvard University.

John Schertzer teaches poetry part time at The New School, where he was lit crit editor of LIT, heading two forums: “The Eroticism of Language” and “Why All the Madness?”  recent and forthcoming publications include poems in 6,500 and The Germ, and an essay in Frightful Stages: From the Primitive to the Therapeutic.

Steve Timm lives in Belleville, Wisconsin.  he earns money by teaching ESL.  once a sheriff’s deputy saw a UFO in Belleville.  he is married and they have many pets.

Elizabeth Treadwell lives in Berkeley, California, where she grew up.  her publications include Populace (Avec, 1999) and Eleanor Ramsey: the Queen of Cups (SFSU, 1997). She edits Outlet.

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