S H A M P O O   7


William Allegrezza, hiker, musician, teacher, lives in Chicago.  he spends his time working on politics, writing, and yoga.  he has published numerous poems and articles and is the editor of moria.

Angela Ball sez that since her last appearance in Shampoo, she has driven from her home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Graton, Vermont with her dog Maggie (a pit-bull/catahoola cur mix), and back, leaving a narrow swath of destruction, including one badly mauled hotel carpet (M. tried to dig her way out of the room while A. was out having dinner) and one slightly damaged BMW in a Baltimore parking lot (bumped into while A. was talking to M. – A. left a note, “Dear Green Car,” etc.).  now she’s looking forward to traveling mainly through cyberspace, with frequent stops at (bless her) Shampoo.

Lisa Beskin was born in Holland, raised in New Jersey, and educated in Ohio.  she holds an MFA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has taught creative writing at Yale and Mt. Holyoke College.  she also reviews movies about monkeys and limbless harridans for DVD Advance.  her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly, LIT, Fence, Slope, and Jubilat.  her manuscript of poems was a finalist and semi-finalist respectively for the Walt Whitman and the Alice James Press’s Beatrice Hawley Awards.

MTC Cronin, after being employed for most of the 1990s in law, has in recent years begun teaching literature and creative writing at the University of Technology, Sydney, in the Department of Writing, Social & Cultural Studies.  she lives in Enmore with her partner (a musician), their two children, her sister (an actor), her partner (another actor!), and four cats.  among her upcoming publications are Bestseller, Talking to Neruda’s Questions and Questions the Sea Forgot to Erase (the latter co-written with Peter Boyle, both through Vagabond Press, 2001); My Lover’s Back: 79 Love Poems (UQP, 2002); and an as yet untitled selected poems (Wagtail, Picaroo Press, 2002).

Elaine Equi is the author of many books, including Surface Tension, Decoy, and most recently, Voice-Over, which won the San Francisco State Poetry Award.

Corwin Ericson lives in Western Massachusetts, where he works as the managing editor of The Massachusetts Review.  recently, at the fish ladder at Turners Falls on the Connecticut River, he saw a lamprey suction itself onto an underwater window.  realizing that the thing was nothing more than an undulating intestinal tube in search of flesh to suck, he has become dubious about ever swimming again.  poems of his have been published recently in Volt and Fine Madness.  excerpts from “Checked Out OK,” his collection of police beat reports, appear in Jubilat #3.

Michael Farrell is Australia Editor of Slope.  his poems appear in Verse, Quarterly West, Tooth, La Petite Zine, and Aught.  although a ‘virtually bald man,’ he appreciates le abstract quality of shampoo.

Vernon Frazer recently read at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church and the CCNY Spring Poetry Festival.  his newest books are the longpoem, Improvisations (I-XXIV), and the novel, Relic’s Reunions.

Yuri Hospodar is proud to announce that he’s locked up his hermit habits of the past six years.  for now.

Glenn Ingersoll helps coordinate San Francisco’s Poetry & Pizza series.  his work has been published in Exquisite Corpse, The Quarterly, Phoebe, and Columbia Poetry Review.  in 1993, he won the Charles B. Wood Memorial Award from The Carolina Quarterly, and his chapbook, City Walks, is available from Broken Boulder Press.  check out his website.

Jim Jenkins punches his time card.

Amy King lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and believes in the productivity of walking in spite of owning a car.  she also thoroughly enjoyed Michael Farrell’s Shampoo poems and recommends experimenting with those tingly minty shampoos for added physical sensations.  she’s had stuff published or upcoming in Riding the Meridian, Cauldron & Net, and Skanky Possum.

Jay Marvin has had poems in NYQ, The Mississippi Review, Black Ice, and Mudfish.  he’s a talk show host that can be heard nightly on WLS 890 AM in Chicago.

Sheila E. Murphy has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 1976.  she is president of a consulting firm that specializes in organizational analysis and program evaluation.

Larry Sawyer has been published in Nexus, Cokefish, Aught, Jack, Moria, The East Village, Tabacaria, Exquisite Corpse, Big Bridge, and Skanky Possum, among others.  he edits milk magazine.

Tracy Scarpino lives in Ventura, California.  her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Poems Niederngasse, The Melic Review, Poetry Motel, Story House, and Libido.  she hopes to one day stop having nightmares about Big Bird.

Kathy Lou Schultz, a recent Philly transplant from San Francisco, is thrilled that the Sixers won the Eastern Conference Championship.  Kathy Lou edits Lipstick Eleven with Robin Tremblay-McGaw and Jim Brashear, and is finishing a manuscript of poetry and experimental narrative for Atelos press.  her previous collections are Re dress (San Francisco State University) and Genealogy (a+bend press) and her home page can be viewed right here.

Laurel Snyder, originally from Baltimore, is famous for making collages, writing country-western songs, and introducing nice people to each other.  if you haven’t heard of her by now, there’s probably something very wrong with the way you are living your life.

Joe Vallina is a West Virginian in economic exile out in Oakland, California.  Montani Semper Liberi!

Dylan Willoughby lives in the East Village in New York City.

Terence Winch has a new book just out from The Figures (distributed by Small Press Distribution) called The Drift of Things.

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