Alex O'Neil

A Quarter Moon

So, you just let me find it out the hard way,
just hear it from any ole body.
Your smile, like a quarter moon, far,
in a place that might as well be space.
In another time, I would have wept,
thrown my tears to the wind
and sneered, "Jerk"
of jerks that dances to destiny's call
and leaves dreamers sleeping.
(The fools that we are.)
While you, a prince in steeled armor,
risk all to face the dragons.
And in the end
kings and queens will sway to your music
and laud you over the jesters who turn home
and sleep and dream of champagne and paparazzi.
Oh, how I envy and love you for that,
while I hold your face hostage and
release it on my blackest nights.
Your smile, like a quarter moon, lights my heart.

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