issue #1 contributors


Lisa Beatman is a Jamaica Pond, Massachusetts poet who is currently writing her way through an artist residency program at the Dairy Hollow Writer's Colony in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Jim Behrle edits Meanie. well, sometimes he does.

J. J. Blickstein was born in NYC 1969. he is a poet/visual artist living in the Hudson Valley where he & Jen, a biologist/herbalist, maintain/discover sanity & various degrees of fine madness as kind-hearted predators next to the river. he has appeared in Heaven Bone, Rattle, Long Shot, American Diaspora: Poetry in Exile (University of Iowa Press 1999) & The Poet?s Gallery Press (anthologies).

James Bunzli teaches theatre at Central Michigan University. his work has appeared in The Drama Review, Pequod, Analecta, and Unctions. he lives in Mount Pleasant with his golf clubs, a sassy cat, and four fountain pens.

Michael Caldon is an "untraditionally aged" student at the University of Hartford, living a suburban bliss with his wife and two children.

William Corbett is co-editor of Pressed Wafer. his newest book of poetry is Boston Vermont.

Elizabeth Galloway lives in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts and teaches at Massachusetts College of Art.

Susanna Kittredge has been variously described as "cute", "short", "swalzh", and "such a Virgo." Susanna lives in Jamaica Plain and wonders what she should do with her life. she figures writing lots of poetry is a good start.

Angelo Monaco is a one-time flaneur who enjoys bubble-baths and intimate evenings. he lives in East Cambridge, Massachusetts and has no animals that talk back.

Alex O'Neil is a reluctant poet and a procrasting writer who usually writes from provocation. she began writing short stories and poems in her early teens. her dream is to publish short stories and perhaps a novel or two.

Anna Ross lives in Somerville, Massachusetts and has published poems in Meanie (when Jim gets around to it) and The Connecticut River Review.

Suzy Saul is a member of the Jamaica Pond Poets. thank goodness!

K Sherman rules!!

Sumbul Siddiqui is 12 years old and has a twin brother. she is a student in the Longfellow School and she enjoys making people laugh (she's good at it, too).

Zinovy Vayman wrote his first poems at the age of 12 when he lived in Siberia. thirty years later he discoverd haiku in English while attending classes at Kaji Aso Studio in Boston.

Beth Woodcome is Beth Woodcome.

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