S H A M P O O   9


Ed Barrett was ranked third in Catholic schoolboy swimming when he was in the eighth grade in Brooklyn, New York.  he has since published several volumes of poetry.

Michael Basinski is the Associate Curator of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection of SUNY at Buffalo.  his recent books include: Strange Things Begin to Happen When a Meteor Crashes in the Arizona Desert (Burning Press, Cleveland), Heka (Factory School, San Diego), Beseechers (Light and Dust Books), and Mool3Ghosts (Writers Forum, London).  he bakes pies, makes jams, and owns a blue suit.

Brian Dean Bollman was born in Encino to a librarian and a rocket scientist, who communicated respectively through numbers and letters.  currently he is staring into space and cataloguing poetry.  in his free time he imagines he is a telescope focused on the OED.  he lives in a poststructural house in Windsor, California, and seeks pornographic hypervisibility that is radically incommensurate with his upbringing.

Ken Bolton.  “Think Globally, act locally,” they say.  Ken Bolton says he “drinks locally, & acts hardly at all, but his fantasy life is unconfined – if a little mean & dispirited – see the poems in this issue of SHAMPOO.  which reminds me:  haircut!”  Ken is the poet in SHAMPOO most resembling Sideshow Bob.

Tom Hibbard recently cooked some kohlrabi, cut some tall grass by hand, and made raisin cakes.  the word ‘gesshon’ is a made up variant of the name of an ancient spring.  his poem with that title, which is excerpted in this issue, is thirty-four chapters long.  other chapters have been published in Can we have our ball back? and in New Jersey by Mark Sonnenfeld in a “give out sheet.”

Amy Kalvig, previously from Chicago, is learning new uses for Norwegian desserts while writing and teaching at the University of Toledo.  a new parent, she is trying to overcome the urge to refer to herself in third person, and finds that reading poetry to a three-month-old can be very rewarding.

Aaron Kiely is 31 and lives in New York.  he can be contacted at aaron7k@hotmail.com.

David Larsen
    “Staggered” is dedicated
    to Beth Murray.

Erin Kim, after months of beggin’ by the editor, finally created a cover design for SHAMPOO.  she was never financially compensated for her efforts and died penniless and alone inside a Motel 6 located off the Santa Monica Expressway.

Rochelle Hope Mehr has been published in numerous poetic hot-spots, including Joey and the Black Boots, Liquid Ohio, The Brown Critique, The Moonwort Review, Pink Cadillac, Tyro’s Pen, and Fauquier Poetry Journal.  she lives in New Jersey and likes to listen to classical music.

Murray Moulding lives in Evergreen, Colorado.  he hosts an on-line fiction workshop.  his poems in this issue are from his book of thirty ads he placed in the personals column of the classified section of the Evergreen Canyon Courier, running December 2000 to May 2001.

Daniel Nester’s poetry has appeared in Mississippi Review, Fine Madness, Slope, Cream City Review, Minnesota Review, Cortland Review, and others.  he is editor in chief of La Petite Zine and is a contributing editor of Painted Bride Quarterly.  he’s been recently surprised to find out that a doppleganger, named Dan Nester, who lives in Mississippi, has been logging on to chatlines on The Valkyrie, a website for aficionados of female bodybuilders and wrestlers.

Elizabeth A. Rosenberg, member of nudistcourse, and recent MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College, lives in Oakland, California.  her work appears in Poets & Writers’ Transformations, Walrus 2000, Mills College Literary Review, in Poetry Not Prisons, a collaboration of Upward Bound and Mills College students, and in the Barque Press Anthology One Hundred Days.  she explains that, if the raft she rode in hadn’t flipped her into the Colorado, many things wouldn’t be the same.

Hazel Smith is involved in experimental writing, hypermedia and performance work, and you can check out her web site at www.australysis.com.  her recent publications include Keys Round Her Tongue: Short Prose, Poems and Performance Texts, Soma Publications, 2000, and a CD-ROM, Returning the Angles, Soma Publications, 2001.  Hazel is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and has recently published Hyperscapes in the poetry of Frank O’Hara: difference, homosexuality, topography, Liverpool University Press, 2000.  she used to be a professional musician and emigrated from London to Sydney in 1988.

George Stanley teaches English at Capilano College in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  his most recent book is At Andy’s (Vancouver, New Star).

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