S H A M P O O 5


Jennifer Armstrong plays bagpipes, travels a lot, and from a back window in her new home in Maine she is watching the river thaw.

William James Austin is the author of two collections of poetry and a book length critical study of T.S. Eliot and Jacques Derrida.  he has also written music and lyrics for Lou Rawls and for television (the latter he finds embarrassing).  his most recent collection of poetry, 5 UNDERWORLD 6, is just out from Koja Press.

Angela Ball teaches in the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Missisippi, in Hattiesburg, where she lives with her husband, Kim Herzinger, and dog, Maggie Jones.

Jim Behrle loves the sun.  he lives in Boston, hosts events, screws around on the radio, and sleeps real late.

Daniel Bouchard lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Diminutive Revolutions, his first book of poems, was published last year by Subpress.

Richard Caddel co-edited Other:  British and Irish Poetry since 1970 (Wesleyan University Press 1999) with Peter Quartermain, and is Associate Editor of Basil Bunting’s Complete Poems (Bloodaxe Books 2000).  his most recent poetry publication is For The Fallen (Wild Honey Press 2000).  other parts of his Writing In The Dark project appear or will appear in Jacket and Notre Dame Review.

Sean Cole recently returned from Kentucky where he and poet Aaron Kiely performed “Legs” by ZZ Top, as requested.  thank you to Kent Fielding, D.S. Poorman and ZZ Top.

William Corbett’s All Prose, selected essays and reviews, will be published by Zoland Books in October, 2001.

Michael County is the editor of DAD.  he believes that Benicio Del Torro was the correct choice for Best Supporting actor, and will fight to defend that choice.  also, he has never seen the film Traffic.

Glenn Ingersoll helps coordinate San Francisco’s Poetry & Pizza series.  his work has been published in Exquisite Corpse, The Quarterly, Phoebe, and Columbia Poetry Review.  in 1993, he won the Charles B. Wood Memorial Award from The Carolina Quarterly, and his chapbook, City Walks, is available from Broken Boulder Press.  he & his partner are looking to adopt a new kitten.  check out his website.

Dale Jensen is heavily influenced by William Burroughs and the Surrealists and used to publish a magazine called Malthus.  his latest book is Twisted History and he co-coordinates a reading series at Cafe Firenze in Berkeley.  he has degrees from UC Berkeley and University of Toronto, took an early retirement from Social Security after working for them for 25 years, and lives with another poet, Judy Wells, who says he likes dogs.

Curran Nault’s poem is really just a bunch of snippets from a book by Regis Debray which he knows he had to read for some class but otherwise doesn’t remember because that’s what grad school does to you.

Billy X. O’Brien works at the Boston Living Center.  his collaborations with Ronald Palmer can be found in Slope (issue 9) and Combo (issue 6).

Ronald Palmer’s recent poems can be found on the web at Xconnect and Slope, as well as print issues of Combo (#6) and Green Mountains Review (Winter 2001).  he is currently living in Connecticut again (where he was born in 1966), after 17 years of education, teaching and travel.  he teaches creative writing in an international program through Framingham State College that has most recently sent him to Panama, Bolivia, Morocco and Poland.

Kevin Prufer’s second book of poems, The Finger Bone, is forthcoming from Carnegie Mellon.  he’s also editor of Pleiades:  A Journal of New Writing and The New Young American Poets.  before he became a poet, he was a figure skater.

Leigh Radtke, woman, warrior, poet.  she actively trains in a CQC (Close Quarter Combat) fighting system and reads and writes as much poetry as she can.

Anna V.Q. Ross has recently published stuff in The Connecticut River Review, DAD, and can we have our ball back?.  she lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts with her better half, Andy, and their even better cat, Melvin.  Anna plans to begin working on an MFA at Columbia University this fall.

Suzy Saul, excerpted from a letter to Robert Frost (ask her later about swinging on birches):  Oh Frosty-boy, they’re still not hearing you --/ “Good fences make good neighbors.”/ I’m so sorry you said it,/ so sorry no one read the poem/ beyond that line.

Joseph Torra lives and writes in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Sam Witt holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MFA from the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop.  his first book of poetry, Everlasting Quail, due out from the University Press of New England in August 2001, won the Breadloaf Bakeless Award for Poetry.  he lives in San Francisco and writes for a number of publications, including Wired, San Francisco Chronicle, and Computerworld.

Kirby Wright has witnessed his hapa haole grandmother speaking to ghosts.  he did not hear the ghosts speak, but he did hear them breathing.

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