Margot Douaihy
9 haikus
inspired by martini-napkin haiku
written in a bar
late at night

1.  uptown 6 milieu:
the deaf girl and her pup leave,
    hassid men file in.

2.  rothko’s wild reds:
a sunrise washes new york,
    kilns oceans of steel

3.  they found a new squid
(undulating fins like wings)
    over 12-feet long.

4.  life isn’t the same
as it always was; nothing
    makes waking less hard.

5.  unintelligable. soaked by some fool’s beer.

6.  hoegaarden tastes best
when ice-cold; add lime for zing,
    add buzz for courage.

7.  good jazz reminds me
of the beauty of liquid
    (eureka moments).

8.  twin towers of light--
        our vestige of yesterday--
            planes will fly through, though.

9.  why even wonder
about the strange ways we die?

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