Crag Hill
2 of Diamonds

If you added up all the time I wondered about time, Iíd have years to add to my life

The paradox is that creating the more democratic world we seek requires
more than power.  It demands alliances, institutions and trust.  Doing the right

If you travel with a group for weeks, especially
one shielding you from chem-bio attacks,
youíre likely to stay loyal to those youíre with

He let light passed the door, disrupting his childrenís dreams.
When they surfaced, figures flashed, edges flooded the recesses,
irretrievable, blacks become blacker, whites whiter.  It illuminates,
eliminates excesses, emphasizing shape, or it blinds, binding

When I walked, I followed.  When I ran, I ran faster,
resolving at the same time I dissolved.  I stopped time I
started.  Not to be confused, or refused, I refueled and lit
the fuse.  In the light I reflected what I refracted, exploding
my eyeís expectations.  When I came back to my senses I meant it

He recalls Agincourt in 1415, during the Hundred Yearsí War,
when the French barons, whose army outnumbered
the exhausted British four to one, insisted on a
glorious cavalry charge against British infantry
armed with longbows.  They thereby handed over
the crown of France to the England king, Henry V

We canít make them for our children, canít make them less difficult,
canít predetermine what they will become.  He was someoneís son, a
boy before a monster.  Who can defuse the bomb?  His father
could replant corn if it didnít come up.  He could never replant
his son.  Iíll look for the bud branched off, kicked off the tree,
that poked us in the eye.  We rub the wound away;
he paid for it with his life

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