S H A M P O O   18

Kristin Abraham refuses to refer to herself in the third person.  nevertheless, she constantly discovers that she has done just that.  she has no self control.

Carl Annarummo lives in Somerville, Massachusetts and is currently working on a series of chapbooks called “Mullosk”.  you can keep track of his occassional thoughts at Armsasser.  he is currently the leader in refrigerated solutions for the foodservice industry.

Barbara Blatner lives in Washington Heights (NYC), looks at the Hudson River often, and looks at people on the subway.  in additon to poems, she write plays and music.

C.L. Bledsoe has poems published or forthcoming in Nimrod, 2River View, and StorySouth.  he lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas and has never once put his cat in a box with a vial of poisonous gas or radioactive minerals, and if he had, he certainly wouldn’t go around opening the damned thing to see what had happened just to make some dead physicist happy.

Todd Colby is most recently the author of Riot in the Charm Factory: New and Selected Work (Soft Skull Press, 2001) and Tremble and Shine (Soft Skull Press, 2004).

Rob Cook currently lives in New York City where he is a social dropout but has nice, long hair.  work has appeared in New Orleans Review, The Canary, New Millennium Writing, The Bitter Oleander, can we have our ball back?, etc.

Clayton A. Couch, well, there was this, uh, I think, ahem, it was something like, well, you know...

Michael County is the author of two chapbooks, copper and a twofer with Del Ray Cross, both on Pressed Wafer.  he is presently dipping into the blogsphere, one toe at a time, at mikecounty.blogspot.com.

R.M. Cunningham lives in the Boston-area, and likes to write all kinds of stuffs.  she’s been published in can we have our ball back? (#3), Betty Magazine (#3), and Shampoo (#3 and now #18).  one cool place to be on earth: the sand dunes down the Cape off season, running and jumping off a cliff of sand while your best friend takes a picture, only the photo you take of her is better cuz she is way more airborne.

Catherine Daly also combines her loves (of art, history, and the 99 cent only stores) in her new book DaDaDa, Salt Publishing, 2003, very nice; the purple pheromone hairspray ruined a pair of pants, but now – recompense.

Jennifer Dannenberg says “people say it’s all down hill from here, and I wonder what they mean.  it’s easier?  but then what about the view?  I’m not ready to give that up.  I’m just staying up here.”

Katina Douveas finally scraped up enough couch change to make it to Brooklyn!  she is still a broke ass and would appreciate any donations in any form (money, food, psychotherapy).  currently she is trying to come up with a method of hitting up the roaches for rent, those free-loadin’ little bastards.

Andrew French, er, uh, yeah, mm hmm, something like sherbet, descend, descend.

so far this year, Alex Gildzen has posed nude and visited the grave of the Black Dahlia.  however, these events didn’t happen at the same time.  check out his site.

Bob Harrison grew up in Panama and Delaware, and now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  he used to raise rabbits.  he edits Crayon with Andrew Levy.

Jonathan Hayes’ favorite Italian Ice flavors are lemon and chocolate.  he is currently reading The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams, and can be found in the bleachers at Fenway Park.

in 1975, when Crag Hill showered and got back into his street clothes, he sat in the bleachers, strangely euphoric for having survived.  then he inexplicably turned the page to 1993.  it’s now a blank.

Scott Keeney is.

Sueyeun Juliette Lee no longer believes in nature walks but stands by the Frog (ahem) King and K-Pride.  she is a student in the MFA program at UMass Amherst and has had poems in can we have our ball back? and upcoming in word for/word.

Pete Leed is a freelance poet and writer of Neuro Poetics.  he was educated at Tufts and Columbia Universities where he published a poetry magazine called Anachronisms II (now out of print).  currently, he is working on his first collection of poetry, prose, and essays.

Anvil Legal is 23 years of age and is rather tall.  he was born inside a frigid volcano and raised by friendly wolves in Wisconsin.  also: he tends to walk Spanish down the hall.  look for his poems in upcoming issued of the Tin Lustre Mobile and Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle.

Dana Teen Lomax struggles with living under/benefiting from a government that kills people.  she holds a California Arts Council Grant and has just recently gone from long to short.

Andrew Lundwall has recently re-located to the Washington, DC area.  his work has appeared with such journals as: Retort, Moria, Sidereality, and Aught.  when not reciting poems to sea-gulls, Andrew is the poetry editor for Get Underground and he edits his own literary journal: Tin Lustre Mobile.

rob mclennan lives in Ottawa, Canada’s glorious capital, where he co-edits www.poetics.ca and does a bunch of other things.  his 8th trade collection is red earth (Black Moss Press) and he is editor of (among others) groundswell: best of above/ground press, 1993-2003 (Broken Jaw).  born in 1970, he is more famous than Jesus (at least, at the same age), which, he figures, is just a matter of population.

James Meetze is the publisher of Tougher Disguises Press and co-editor, with Dan Fisher, of the new journal, A Very Small Tiger.  his chapbook Serenades is forthcoming from Cy Press in late Fall.  James is tall, dark, handsome, and, unfortunately for the ladies, very happily spoken for by his fiction writing girlfriend.

Corey Mesler is the owner of Burke’s Book Store, in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the country’s oldest (1875) and best independent bookstores.  he has published poetry and fiction in numerous journals, including Pindeldyboz, Orchid, Black Dirt, Thema, Mars Hill Review, and Poet Lore.  his first novel, Talk: A Novel in Dialogue appeared in 2002.  most importantly, he is Toby and Chloe’s dad, and Cheryl’s husband.

Thurston Moore is a non-musician with Sonic Youth, male slut, foot + diskaholics anonymous    hashish on a punk pin lit by ruddy euro forest match creates silk cloud under glass for this author to suck/huff.  enough!

Gina Myersis lost in transit to the Big Apple from the Midwest, or something like that.

Ronald Palmer is driving across the U.S. from New York City to relocate in the San Francisco Bay Area in September, 2003.  he will continue to teach online courses for The New School University.  Soft Skull Press will publish his Logicalogics in their 2004-2005 New Poets series.  Porno:Canto (Werewolf Variations) is a new series that both mocks and pays homage to The Cantos of Ezra Pound.  he was recently introduced to Kevin Young (a great poet and an endearing man) by Richard Eoin Nash in a Brooklyn cafe garden, Flying Saucers on Atlantic Avenue, with miniature pink and blue plastic flowers hanging in strands mixed in with real ivy from the courtyard fence.

Roger Pao recently graduated from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and would like to believe that he’s a mature adult now.  his present shampoo is Head & Shoulders, but he still fondly remembers the carefree, tearless days of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

John Rubio was born in San Diego and has lived in the Southern California area his entire life.  he is the Slam Poetry Editor for the muse apprentice guild.  he is also an active performer and martial artist.

Michael Ruby’s first book of poems, At an Intersection, was recently published by Alef Books in New York.  he’s composed almost all of his poems on summer days near the ballfields in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  “it’s been a tough year to be an American, probably not for the last time.”

Larry Sawyer exercises his right to speak Venusian even in this increasingly Ubuesque atmosphere of Ashcroftian stupidity.  his further attempts to travel at lightspeed are online at Milk Magazine.

Marcel Stein has lived in San Francisco and Seattle but now resides in New York.  he is currently at work on a sonnet sequence, Q.

Christina Strong doesn’t brush her hair but she collects tattoos.  poems have appeared or are forthcoming in can we have our ball back?, Pom², and the muse apprentice guild.  she makes her bed at www.xtina.org.

Steve Timm teaches ESL and writes poems that do get strewn across screen and paper joints like Moria and Word For/Word and Gestalten and he thought how when someone asks you not to make logic you only can.

a friend to carp, Matthew Wascovich sucks in the steel mill dirt.  asphalt junk in his mouth, and solid noise.  the slowest toe.

Derek White just can’t believe he is on the same page as Thurston Moore.  his homage to Thurston and the art of feedback can be viewed on his site.  if only he could achieve in words what Thurston does with guitar strings...

Patrick Whitgrove, a resident of San Francisco, walks home from work.

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